The annual ArtPrize competition began as an offthewall idea that agitated and drew criticism from the art world,

devised by an heir to a massive fortune. Now in its fifth year, it's a welltuned event anticipated by casual art admirers, hopeful artists and even critics.

On Sunday, after 11 days of public voting, festival organizers announced the 10 most popular art pieces on display in the city of Grand Rapids, Mich. They'll now go on to a second round of public voting and compete for a share of the $360,000 in prize money, with the grand winner receiving $200,000.

It's not only the public voting for such a large cash award that makes ArtPrize unusual, but that it's open to anyone over the age of 18. This year, more than 1,500 entries filled the city, and the competition has received 430,000 votes and counting from the public.

Last year, Adonna Khare's detailed, largescale drawings of elephants took home the top public vote prize. The public has seemed to favor natural subject matter, which hasn't changed: this year, four finalists depict Danny Amendola Authentic Jersey animals, with many concentrating on natural themes.

The contest has drawn its fair share of Danny Amendola Jersey controversy, and some have deemed many of the popular entries as lowbrow or pandering. Last year, ArtPrize began awarding significant juried prizes too, with a grand prize winner receiving $100,000 and five other entries receiving $20,000 each.

ArtPrize Executive Director Christian Gaines told Michigan Radio that he's happy that the competition draws a large variety of work. He said the variety is reflected in the voters, as well:

"All kinds of people voting, with all kinds of different ideas of what they think is art. And what makes them happy, what strikes a chord with them . the public vote reflects that," Gaines told Michigan Radio. "This is the only community I can think of where the local NBC affiliate will preempt prime time television for three hours to talk about art in an intelligent way. . And that's because there's an audience that's interested in learning about that and doing that."

Scroll through the list to see the 10 artists whose works received the most public votes.

"Finding Beauty in Bad Things: Porcelain Vine," by Fraser Smith is a trompe l'oeil quilt carved out of wood. The piece is based on the porcelain vine, a plant Smith first saw when he attended ArtPrize last year. "Turns out they call it the 'kudzu of the north,/ since it's invasive, and can completely cover, and kill trees, and shrubs," Smith wrote. "I'm thinking of doing a series of pieces where the plant, or animal, or substance, or . whatever, is a bane, but hides behind a visually appealing exterior, and uses that as a defense; an evolutionary tool." Location: DeVos Place Convention Center.

"Botanical Exotica a Monumental Collection of the Rare Beautiful" by Jason Gamrath is an installation of handblown glass and steel. "The purpose of creating this series on a macro scale, is to bring to light the beauty that exists within the micro scale of nature," Gamrath writes on his website. "When I scale life forms up to be larger than a person, they can be observed with this prospective from across a room due to the overwhelming physical presence that they command. It is my hope that when people admire my largescale renderings, they can become captivated enough to look closer at earth's creations, and appreciate nature with the same eyes that I humbly and graciously experience our natural world through." Location: Grand Rapids Art Museum.

"Taking Flight" by Michael Gard is woven with recycled aluminum wire and LED lights. The sculpture first showed up in Grand Rapids when Gard floated her around the city on a giant helium balloon. "For me, the piece is about uplifting the human spirit. Illuminated from within, she drifts above, representing our hopes, dreams, and feelings," he writes. "I weave wire by first creating a sculpture in clay, then using molds to reproduce it in wax. I then handweave wire stitchbystitch around the wax form. The wax is melted away leaving a light but rigid sculpture. This piece is by far my most ambitious, representing at least 2,000 hours of work." Location: DeVos Place Convention Center.

Winner!"Elephants" by Adonna Khare

Adonna KhareAdonna Khare reacts after winning the $200,000 ArtPrize Award for "Elephants" at the fourth annual ArtPrize awards Friday, Oct. 5 , 2012 in Grand Rapids, Mich. The annual art competition began Sept. 19. This year's installment features entries from 1,517 artists from 56 countries and 45 states. The works are on display at dozens venues across downtown Grand Brandon LaFell Authentic Jersey Rapids. A list of the 10 finalists for the public vote was earlier announced by organizers. (AP Photo/The Grand Rapids Press, Cory Morse)

Grand Juried Award "Displacement (13208 Klinger St)" by Design 99. Time lapse video of the exhibition install.

Mitch Cope And Gina ReichertArtPrize 2012 Winners Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert of Design 99 from Detroit talk about their piece, "Displacement," Friday, Oct. 5 , 2012 in Grand Rapids, Mich. The annual art competition began Sept. 19. This year's installment features entries from Brandon LaFell Jersey 1,517 artists from 56 countries and 45 states. The works are on display at dozens venues across downtown Grand Rapids. A list of the 10 finalists for the public vote was earlier announced by organizers.

2D Juried Award Winner"Habitat" by Alois Kronschlaeger3rd Place Public Vote"Rebirth of Spring" by Frits Hoendervanger.

Anywhere to see tropical birds in New York City Area?

January 3, 2013 10:21 AM Subscribe

My 10yearold nephew lives in Cranford, NJ and really likes tropical birds. My wife and I said for Christmas we'd take him to the zoo hopefully to see some birds and really the only research I had done was to confirm the Prospect Park Zoo (which is the same thing as the Brooklyn Zoo??) was open in the winter, but when I look at the site there's not much mention of tropical birds. Is there anything better in the area?

posted Dont'a Hightower Jersey by theNeutral to society culture (13 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite

The Central Park Zoo's rain forest exhibit is awesome. Lots of brightlycolored tropical birds up close and personal.

posted by lalex at 10:29 AM on January 3 [2 favorites]

Brooklyn Zoo/Prospect Park Zoo are basically the same thing, yeah. And no, there isn't much there in the way of tropical birds.

Seconding the Central Park Zoo, though the Bronx Zoo also has rather a few.

posted by EmpressCallipygos at 10:31 AM on January 3

Thirding Central Park Zoo the nature of the exhibit is such that the birds are RIGHT THERE NEXT TO YOU OMG!!!! Not even in a cage! Just right there next to you on a branch or a railing or even on a bench made for people! WOWEE! My kid loved it. (And so did I!)

posted by BlahLaLa at 10:34 AM on January 3

I'm not sure what's near you, but ever aquarium I have ever been to has had a tropical bird exhibit often ones you can feed and they tend to be warm inside places, so you might check those as well.

posted by larthegreat at 10:55 AM on January 3 [1 favorite]

Nthing the Central Chandler Jones Authentic Jersey Park Zoo. Afterwards (a bit of a hike, but easy in a cab or couple buses), Fauna is a great shop on the UWS that has an amazing collection of notforsale tropical birds along with parrots and other smaller birds on display.

posted by Mchelly at 10:57 AM on January 3

The Bronx Zoo is really good. And while your experience may vary the indoor jungle world and bird houses are nice to visit in the winter and at times the birds can get pretty up close and personal.

posted by Captain_Science at 10:58 AM on January 3

Queens Zoo aviary is Chandler Jones Kids Jersey open yearround.

posted by griphus at 10:59 AM on January 3

Parrots of the World is an increadable store. Last time I was there they had about a hundred birds, most in wire cages or out on a perch.

posted by Sophont at 11:19 AM on January 3

The birds in the Central Park Zoo aviary just do not give a fuck and will interact with people whenever they feel like it. They are the most New York of birds.

If your grandson ever gets out to Pittsburgh, I highly recommend the National Aviary there. It's a beautiful facility, and the birds there are even chummier than at Central Park. Some kind of puffy gray swan thing from South America fell in love with me and kept wriggling around my ankles like a cat. It was wild.

posted by Sidhedevil at 12:07 PM on January 3 [1 favorite]

Ooh, just realized that if you want to go south instead of north, the Philadelphia Zoo may work; they also have an aviary, including a little room where you can feed lorikeets!

"Feeding" them consists of "get handed a tiny paper cup of some sort of juice/fruit smoothie substance and then step into an enclosure, at which point about twelve birds will instantly swoop down upon you and stand on your head and shoulders and arms while the closest one to your hand guzzles it down in two seconds, and then they all fly away over to the next person." But for a kid it'd be Dont'a Hightower Navy Jersey way cool.

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VINELAND Columbus Day in Vineland isn just a day to recognize explorers

sailing the ocean blue. It also a celebration of the community Italian heritage.

On the front steps of city hall, local politicians and community members spoke of Brandon Browner Jersey the Italian spirit that is found throughout Vineland.

you just go through the phone book, you will see that everybody has an Italian last name, said Vincent Marolda, president of the Sicilian American Club and the Italian Cultural Foundation.

Being an Italian, Christopher Columbus serves as a cultural icon.

always nice to identify ourselves with Christopher Columbus because we both come from the same place, Marolda said. same way he came to America in 1492, there were a lot of Italian Americans in the beginning of the last century. at the event spoke about the Italian identity just as much as they spoke about Christopher Columbus.

the American story, said state Sen. Jeff Van Drew. the story of your heritage, of our heritage, of how we work so hard to make what America is but as we do that we must always remember the traditions, the values and the faith that we love so much. you go back in the history of Italians more than 2,000 years if you inventory all the Darrelle Revis Kids Jersey great achievements human kind, you find the ancestors of ItalianAmericans, said Sam Fiocchi, Cumberland County Freeholder.

There was one lone protester at the event a chief of the Taino Tribal Council of Jatibonicu. He stood outside City Hall wearing all black and carrying a modified Puerto Rican flag, which bears a member of the Taino tribe standing proud.

is the day I come to celebrate with the Italian people but I don come to celebrate Columbus, said Chief Pedro Guanieyu Torres. represent the American Indian people here in a protest of Columbus because Columbus never ever discovered anything. explains that he is a descendent from the Native tribe that first greeted the explorer on his storied 1492 voyage. Brandon Browner Youth Jersey

did not discover anything, we discovered him, Torres said. fed him and we took care of him and his men. That is historic truth. he greets you, Torres grips at your wrist instead of shaking your hand.

is the way, originally, we shook hands with Columbus and our ancestors put their hand out as a custom, he said. to spirit and blood to blood we are related. That what that means. to one speaker at the event, though, the impact of Columbus was much bigger than accidentally finding a land mass while trying to reach Asia.

were people in America before the Vikings and Columbus, said Dr. Frank DeMaio, member of the Italian Cultural Foundation and amateur historian. say that Columbus discovered America because he discovered it for the Europeans, which then changed the history of the world forever. the Columbus Day celebration at City Hall, the public were invited to the North Italy Club for lunch.

Hidden in the back kitchen, wearing an apron stained with tomato sauce, was Vineland City Council Vice President Paul Spinelli.

of Italian descent, it an honor to do this kind of thing, he said.

Spinelli and Anthony Fanucci, City Council President, helped make the pasta at the event. The two are Darrelle Revis Youth Jersey trying to carry on a cultural heritage, which at first rested on the shoulders of the previous generation of ItalianAmericans. Part of that heritage, for Vineland, is Columbus Day.

1) Delete the folder containing the file along with all its contents?

2) Dont'a Hightower Jersey Move the contents of the folder up one directory level and then get rid of the (now empty) folder?

Your description of the rightclick option you want sounds more like 1, but the explanation you prefaced it with makes it sound like 2 would be more in line with the scheme you're trying to enact.

Your reorganization sounds interesting, but be very careful about wiping out folders in any are that's not designed to hold general usercreated documents. Many things in Windows are pathdependent and will stop working if the directory structure is changed or destroyed.

posted by contraption at 1:32 PM on October 20, 2008

What I am trying to do is delete the folder containing the file along with all its contents using a right click.

My reorganisation only involves how I use my home folder but it should mean I don't need to 'see' the rest of Windows.

posted by dazzle at 2:03 PM on October 20, 2008

But if you delete the folder containing the file, then the file will be gone, and you won't be able to search for it either.

posted by blue_wardrobe at 2:10 PM on October 20, 2008

Let's say I donwload a zip file which contains software, I unzip the zip file which contains an exe and, possibly, other files. In my search for downloaded files I see the exe only, I run the software, decide I don't want to keep it and so wish to delete the zip file, the exe, any other files which may be there also and the folder which the exe was unzipped into. I never actually see the folder. I do not want the exe or any other files which were also unzipped or the containing folder.

posted by dazzle at 2:26 PM on October 20, 2008

I accomplish what you want to do in a two Chandler Jones Authentic Jersey step way. I delete the files I don't want or relocate the ones I do.

Then I use a utility called Remove Empty Directories that I run on my profile. I do this about once a week. Then, the containing folder of anything you drag and drop onto it will be deleted. If you don't want to be prompted whether you're sure (dangerous very easy to delete your entire Desktop or Documents folder by mistake) then include a /q right after the /s.

posted by flabdablet at 5:38 PM on October 20, 2008

Also, the use case you've quoted means you may delete more than you expect if you strike a Zip file that unzips as just a bunch of files, rather than a bunch of files inside a containing folder. And since most Zip files do include a containing folder, this is the kind Dont'a Hightower Womens Jersey of thing that will bite you right when you've been lulled into a false sense of security.

Personally, I'd just rightclick, choose "Open containing folder", hit the Up button, and delete the folder the usual way. Two extra clicks is cheap accident insurance.

posted by flabdablet at 5:44 PM on October 20, 2008

Here's an article that shows you the registry keys you need to tweak to add things to the Explorer rightclick menu.

Be aware, though, that it will Chandler Jones Kids Jersey treat shortcuts differently if you do this. With drag and drop, the script will delete the folder containing the shortcut; with rightclick launch, it will delete the folder containing the item the shortcut points to.

All in all, this idea strikes me as horribly dangerous and I recommend not pursuing it.

posted by flabdablet at 6:15 PM on October 20, 2008

Answering this question is like picking scabs. I know I shouldn't keep doing it but it's so tempting.

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